Pusheen Box: Spring 2016 {Review}


I have long been a fan of Pusheen the cat, an adorable web comic featuring a super kawaii cat and her adventures. Right now I’ve been using a Pusheen wristlet as my purse and get tons of compliments on it.

When the Pusheen Box was announced last year I knew I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately financials issues prevented me from purchasing the initial winter box (I really wanted that Fair Isle knitted hat).

But now I’m subscribed and super excited to show you what’s included in the Spring 2016 box!

You can get your costs down if you buy a one year membership (the info is not available on the website right now, but it’s about $160 up front, plus shipping). Otherwise the box is $43.95 + shipping for $49.95 USD total. It’s a steep price, but the box is shipped quarterly. That works out to about $17 a box, versus the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box that’s about $23 a box. You’ll end up spending about $275 USD annually at the new VC Beauty Box monthly subscription plan, as a comparison.

Box Theme

It seems like the boxes have a loose theme and correlate to the season. For instance, the winter box had a coffee cup and hat, while the spring box had an umbrella and a pot for plants.

Aside from the spring theme, there was a clear baking/food theme for the spring box.

The box is an adorable brownish grey rectangle featuring Pusheen.


The Pusheen Box from multiple angles. Look at those paws on the bottom of the box!

Delay + Arrival

The box was supposed to ship mid-April, but was delayed to the beginning of May. It was a long two months for me. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to wait for the summer box.

One problem I had was the frustrating lack of communication by the company. I was not alerted to the fact that the box was delayed two weeks. I only found out when I checked the website. There was also no notification of impending distribution of boxes. The stated day for shipping was April 30th, but I didn’t get a shipping notice until May 3rd. Other users flocked to Facebook to ask if there were further delays and received radio silence. April 30th was a Saturday, so I’m not sure why they would say they were shipping then.

Hopefully the next box won’t be delayed and at the least, communication will improve.

Inside the Box

I received nine types of kawaii items in my spring box.

I hate box spoilers and fortunately only found out about the cookie cutter on the Facebook page, aside from the vinyl figure that was widely promoted.

Baker Pusheen Vinyl Figure

The vinyl figure was widely promoted for the Spring box so it wasn’t a surprise. It’s larger than I expected, which is a good thing, but I had some issues getting Pusheen to sit on the base.


Baker Pusheen vinyl figure, knee high socks set, ceramic planter, key cover, and 3-piece pin set.


This is perfect. I’ve been looking for a good apron but they’re either really frilly and impractical, or for men and much too large for my five foot frame.

Cookie Cutter

A super cute cookie cutter and I can’t wait to use it. I don’t usually make roll out cookies because I don’t like messing with solid fats, but I guess I’ll have to track down some Earth Balance soon.


Pusheen knee high socks set, sticker sheets (3), key cover, and 3-piece pin set.


There are three pairs of super cute knee high socks featuring Pusheen eating various foods. Each sock features a different food: pizza, doughnuts, and cookies.


Love, love this! I needed an umbrella for my walks to pick up my younger son from middle school, so it’s perfect.

It doesn’t seem as durable as I would have preferred, but we’ll see how it holds up.


Pusheen umbrella and apron.


This cute little ceramic planter can also be used to hold supplies. I’m terrible with plants, so supply holder it is! Maybe it’ll holds something makeup related like lip glosses or perfumes.

Key Cover

So cute! I tried putting it on my smaller car key, but it didn’t fit. It seems to take a smaller key than I thought. Right now it’s on my keychain until I find the right key to fit it.


Inside the Spring 2016 Pusheen Box.

3-Piece Pin Set

These enameled pins are so cute! I just have to figure out where to stick them.


In keeping with the food theme, there are three sheets of stickers featuring Pusheen and food.


Pusheen Box: Spring 2016.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Adorable products, good variety of items
Cons: Some products could be sturdier, poor communication

I’m so happy with my first Pusheen Box! Some of the products could be higher quality, but it’s in line with the $50 price tag. Communication could definitely be improved.

I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t like it so much. I’m not exactly thrilled to pay so much at one time! I’m definitely looking forward to the summer box.