July True Beauty Box ~Veganista~ {Review}

Pros: Four full sized products in this month’s box, eyeshadow is a great neutral shade, day cream is excellent, cosmetics bag is a good extra
Cons: Nail polished leaked during transit, no TBB box packaging, didn’t quite meet the red, white and blue theme

July’s True Beauty Box {Veganista} was a good one! Definitely one of the best months since my membership began in April–and a significant step up from June’s box.

It didn’t seem that way when the 17th came and went–the day the True Beauty Boxes (TBB) are supposed to be shipped–with not one word from the company. I received an email the previous month that June’s TBB would be mailed on the 25th, but had assumed that was a one time occurrence. Since the July TBB was also mailed out on the 25th, I’m guessing this is the mail date going forward.

Packaging and First Impressions

First off, the box was mailed in a plain Priority Mail box (then stuffed in a Priority Mail envelope). Not the old, plain white reusable box with the printed band, nor the new printed boxes that I don’t like as much. I’m guessing the Priority Mail box was to save costs. Or maybe they ran out of the usual boxes by the time they got to me, but that’s okay. I’d rather have a cosmetics bag than a printed paper box.

Looks lonely in there with no padding.

Inside I found a pale yellow cosmetics bag filled with goodies wrapped together in tissue paper. Normally there is a box filled with crinkled, paper filling and the products are wrapped inside tissue paper with a little card detailing that month’s products. The included card that was printed on much thinner paper than usual reinforces the thought that True Natural was trying to cut costs for the month. On the monthly card was a 15% off discount code for TrueNatural.com…and I’ve already used it to buy the Lavera BB cream.

Besides the four main products, there were two additional samples included: True Natural Sensitive Skin Sunscreen SPF 50 and Lavera Mattifying Balance Creme. I haven’t received samples since my first box in April.

This month is a benecos bonanza. All of the products, aside from the cosmetics bag, are available through LoveTrueNatural.com. I would link to each product, but the LoveTrueNatural site doesn’t see to like Firefox at the moment. Instead I’ll link to the benecos site that is part of the LoveTrueNatural.com network.

July True Beauty Box {Veganista}

I need better lighting…

“Red, White and Beautiful” Theme

This month’s theme was “Red, White and Beautiful” in an obvious nod to American Independence Day. The theme worked better for the Flirt boxes because they contained red lip gloss, white eyeliner and blue nail polish.

The Veganista box had to make due mostly with red and blue packaging, and the yellow cosmetics bag isn’t helping. Not too big of deal. I’m thankful there’s a vegan beauty box subscription at all.

Eco-Logic Cosmetics Bag

Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars)

This was a very nice touch. According to the label, the bag is made from 100% organic cotton. The fabric is a little on the thin side, but I like the pale yellow color/white piping and the organic fabric.

For some reason, I had assumed everyone received a yellow cosmetics bag, but it appears that they are all different colors.

benecos Shower Gel

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5 stars)
Value: $10
Weight: 150 ml
Where to Buy: benecos

This is a gel with a light, clean, citrus scent. Not much to say. It cleans the body and isn’t drying. I like it, though I’m not sure I would actually buy it. I like a little more scent to my shower gel.

benecos Day Cream Q10

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5 stars)
Value: $16
Weight: 50 ml
Where to Buy: benecos

I initially thought this was some type of hand lotion, judging by the small packaging. It wasn’t until after I read the description on the card that I realized it’s actually face moisturizer (with an oddly suggestive caption: “for smooth moments”). This was great timing because I happen to be running low.

To be honest, I have extremely dry skin and didn’t expect much. I need super duper, thick cream. I even had to switch from the DressGreen Protective & Moisturizing Face Cream I adored to Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream because I apparently need something developed in a lab.

Despite the label, it’s not a cream but rather a lotion. It’s almost jelly like. To my surprise, this is an excellent moisturizer that works even on my dry skin. I don’t know how benecos managed to make such a moisturizing product, but they did. This is definitely on my short list for when I need to repurchase moisturizer and may even replace my HG Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream.

benecos Natural Eyeshadow in So What?

Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars)
Value: $12.99
Weight: 2 g
Where to Buy: benecos

This doesn’t quite fit in with the red, white and blue theme, but I’m always a sucker for eyeshadow. So What? is a lovely warm, neutral shade reminiscent of Silk Naturals Bailey.

benecos So What? versus Silk Naturals Bailey

It looks shimmery in the pan, but applies as more of a pearl. The texture is smooth and velvety.

The downside is that my pan is wobbly in the packaging, the payoff could definitely be better and the size is on the small side.

benecos Nail Polish in Vintage Red

Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars)
Value: $11.99
Weight: 9 ml
Where to Buy: benecos

I’m fortunate the nail polish was encased in bubble wrap because this sucker leaked all over the place.

Good thing the nail polish was covered in bubble wrap or my new yellow cosmetics bag would be orange…

benecos nail polish is 5FREE!, meaning it does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalates, or colophony.

I always love a good red. You should see my red polish collection. While Vintage Red is a candy apple red in the bottle, it applies more like a really maroon/dark pink that is typical with these sheer reds. It does not have shimmer.


The Nitty-Gritty

Definitely happy this month. My favorites were the eyeshadow, moisturizer and cosmetics bag.

I can’t wait for next month!