Thowback Thursday: Everyday Minerals Lavender Haze Kit


The Lavender Haze Kit by Everyday Minerals was offered all the way back in 2009 and included four sample-sized purple eyeshadows, along with an Eye Kabuki brush. This set also has the distinction of being one of the first mineral products I purchased from EDM.

The old EDM brown with purple lettering labels

In retrospect, this was not a good set for me to purchase. I think I was still under the mistaken belief that I could pull off cool shades like purple. Years later, I have come to understand that purples don’t look good with my warm undertones and am in the process of removing (most of) them from my makeup collection.

Bottoms of the sample sized jars

I’m not sure why the set came with a Eye Kabuki brush. Flat shadow brushes that allow one to pat the loose powders onto the eyelid work better than a round brush like this.

The Eye Kabuki brush is better suited for blending or other uses not involving eyes as it’s really big. EDM has since come out with a smaller version that I have not tried.

Swatches of the EDM Lavender Haze Kit

Ballet Slippers [shimmer]

Sometimes EDM shadows don’t have the best consistency, but thankfully Ballet Slippers does not have this problem. The shade is a light blue-violet that is almost grey. There is lots of shimmer here. It is good for highlighting, or for a light color wash.

At the time, I like Ballet Slippers so much that I ended up buying a full size jar. I don’t know why. There is more than enough product with the small jars.

Romance Novel [pearl] & Love Letters [pearl]

To me, there is not much difference between Romance Novel and Love Letters. Both are light purples with strong pink undertones. The main difference is that Love Letters is slightly darker Romance Novel. Unfortunately, these types of purple shades are better for making me look like I have a bruise than accentuating my eyes.

I think one was supposed to be matte, but both have equal amounts of light shimmer. While neither have sheen as pronounced as Ballet Slippers, it’s still noticeable.

Wine Tasting [shimmer]

I believe Wine Tasting was sold as an eyeliner. Like the other three shades, there is shimmer in this lovely, dark purple shade. The shimmer doesn’t show up that much as a liner, but it’s definitely there in the swatch.

Alternatively, you could use Wine Tasting for a smoky eye. I think my eyes are too big to pull off smoky looks, so I stick with using it as a liner.

Thanks for reading today’s throwback post. I hope you enjoyed it!