Wet n Wild Update: Some MegaSlicks Lip Glosses contain lanolin

Wet n Wild Update: Some MegaSlicks Lip Glosses contain lanolin


Unfortunately, I have discovered that not all MegaSlicks Lip Glosses by Wet n Wild are vegan. It appears that half of the glosses contain lanolin oil and lanolin, with at least two of those containing beeswax (569A Candy Apple, 568 Bronze Berry). The good news is that half of the line remains vegan.

I noticed this after I had started to open 568 Bronze Berry and my eyes landed upon the word lanolin on the label. I worried at first that my other MegaSlicks gloss I had purchased last year was also lanolin based, but it was fine.

There are currently 16 MegaSlicks glosses, of which 8 9 are vegan (I had erroneously listed 562B Cherry Glaze as non-vegan). I have compiled the list of vegan glosses by checking various online sources. My local Kmarts have closed and the other drugstores only carry partial lines, so I still need to visit a fully stocked Walgreens to confirm my findings. When purchasing any product from the MegaSlicks Lip Gloss line, double-check for lanolin, lanolin oil and/or beeswax. Lanolin oil should be easy to spot as the first ingredient on the list.

MegaSlicks Lip Glosses that do not contain lanolin or beeswax

  • 560A Sweet Glaze
  • 561A Crystal Clear
  • 562B Cherry Glaze
  • 576A Rose Gold
  • 577A Red Sensation
  • 578 Sinless
  • 579A Seedless Watermelon
  • 580 Panning for Gold
  • 581A Mauve-jave Dessert

It looks like there are at least three different formulations, due to the letters after the numbers and by checking online ingredients listings. Most of the shades followed by the letter A are vegan, though be wary of several exceptions.

My Wet n Wild vegan list has been updated to reflect the change. Please let me know if you discover any MegaSlicks glosses listed here as vegan containing lanolin or beeswax