New e.l.f. Disney Princess Snow White Collection

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e.l.f. Disney Ariel Lip Stain & Super Glossy Lip Shine Gift Set

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Now I see why e.l.f. has not released a lot of new products over the past few months. There is a bumper crop of new collections popping up including, yes, a new Disney Princess. The Snow White collection has just been launched and is available both at [link] and [link]. At this point, I’m expecting the Aurora collection unveiled in September or October.

With these new releases, I’m guessing the reason Walgreens/Disney/e.l.f. added Ursula to the Villains collection last year was because they were planning to release the Disney Princess makeup collections and needed a third Princess to round it out.

If you feel like stalking for the latest Disney/e.l.f. offerings, you can use e.l.f.’s store locator, but it is the same one used for the Ariel collection. You’ll probably see the same local stores listed as before.

Snow White Cosmetics Sets by e.l.f.

Like the Ariel Collection, there are five e.l.f. sets in the Disney Snow White Collection:

  • $9.99. e.l.f. Disney Snow White The Fairest of Them All Beauty Book Gift Set
    • 7 Eyeshadow Colors, 1 Eyelid Primer, 1 Eyeliner Pencil, 1 Dual Ended Eyeshadow Applicator, 1 Blush, 1 Blush Brush, 1 Lip Color
      (Note: Blush brush contains natural fiber bristles of animal origin.)
  • $9.99. e.l.f. Disney Snow White Brush Collection Gift Set
    • Blush Brush, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush [vegan], Eyeshadow Brush, Travel Case
      (Note: All brushes—excluding the Foundation Brush—contain natural fiber bristles of animal origin.)
  • $4.99. e.l.f. Disney Snow White Eye Collection Gift Set [Completely vegan]
    • 1 Eyeshadow Compact featuring 6 shades, 1 Eyeshadow Applicator, 1 Lengthening & Defining Mascara
  • $4.99. e.l.f. Disney Snow White Lip Collection Gift Set [Completely vegan]
    • 1 Lip Stain, 1 Shimmer Lip Gloss, 1 Lip Balm Tint
  • $4.99. e.l.f. Disney Snow White Face Collection Gift Set
    • 1 Brush & Bronzer Duo, 1 Kabuki Face Brush
      (Note: Kabuki brush contains natural fiber bristles of animal origin.)

Cosmetics Bags by SOHO

There are slightly different options for the Snow White bags, versus the Ariel bags, though overall I’m not really feeling the designs for the SW collection.

  • $7.99. Disney Snow White Wristlet (Flower ver.)
  • $7.99. Disney Snow White Wristlet (Bird ver.)
  • $9.99. Disney Snow White Clutch
  • $11.99. Disney Snow White Weekender

Final Thoughts

Once this collection is done, I’m really hoping for some more princesses/villains, like those from the movies Mulan, Cinderella, and/or Tangled. I’m really, super-duper hoping for Rapunzel in the future. Tangled is hands down my favorite Disney movie, with Mulan being a close second.

I’ve had such difficulties tracking everything down at my local Walgreens, so I actually just made an order to Walgreens toay. If you can’t find everything, I’d recommend making an order to either [link] or [link] to save yourself some aggravation.

So which Snow White set are you planning to purchase?