Seasonal e.l.f. Products at Gordmans {Spotted}

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Seasonal e.l.f. products at Gordmans


I recently stopped by Gordmans looking for the new L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints. I had read online that they were available at Kmart, but all of my local Kmarts have closed, then I remembered that Gordmans keeps a display for L.A. Colors.

L.A. Girl is the same company as L.A. Colors so I thought it was worth a shot. After arriving at the store, I recalled that on my last visit that there was a blank spot where the L.A. Colors display had previously sat. This was the point when I realized that Gordmans no longer carries a permanent line of L.A. Colors. I hadn’t put two and two together at the time.

Aside from some interesting nail polish sets, there wasn’t a lot of either L.A. Colors or L.A. Girl products.

Seasonal e.l.f. products at Gordmans

Seasonal e.l.f. products at Gordmans
White boxes are Beauty School 2014; color pop boxes are Spring 2014; black striped gold boxes are Big Lots Holiday 2013

Though I didn’t find much for L.A. Colors/Girl, I did find a slew of e.l.f. sets, including products from the Beauty School 2014, Spring 2014, and Big Lots Holiday 2013 (see my previous post for more info) collections.

I picked up a Big Lots Holiday Beauty Book, a Spring Geometric palette, and a Beauty School 6 pan Eyeshadow Compact.

e.l.f. Beauty School 2014 Nail Polish Cube at Gordmans

e.l.f. Beauty School 2014 Nail Polish Cube at Gordmans (apparently not available online)

One of the products I found at Gordmans that is not on the e.l.f. website is the LE Nail Polish Cube. The one I found in the store is definitely for this year’s Beauty School promotion. Interestingly, no nail cubes for any collection are available online at the moment.

Please note that while I found many e.l.f. products on this visit, your Gordmans may not have the same stock. Gordmans is very similar to Marshall’s/T.J.Maxx/Ross in that they carry overstock products, that vary by location.