e.l.f. Disney Jasmine Collection

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e.l.f. Disney Jasmine Collection


Unbeknownst to me, my husband had been scouring our local Walgreens after work to find the latest e.l.f. Disney Jasmine products. He surprised me on Christmas with the four sets he could find: the Nail Polish Collection, Lip Collection, Eyeliner Collection, and Eye Collection. Needless to say, I was a very happy girl.

All four sets are vegan friendly, with none containing any natural fiber brushes.

A Whole New World Nail Polish Collection

The Nail Polish Collection includes the shades Nude (nude beige), Mint Cream (mint green), Smokin’ Hot (reddish pink), Purple Dream (metallic purple), and Gina Girl (purple glitter). None of these are limited edition, though Purple Dream is not currently available on its own online.

A Whole New World Eyeliner Collection

The A Whole New World Eyeliner Collection contains five Essential Shimmer Eyeliners in Gunmetal, Plum Passion, Twinkle Teal, Black Bandit, and Boldly Bronzed. All but one eyeliners are currently available individually through e.l.f., with Boldly Bronzed being recently discontinued.

These are some of my favorite eyeliners, with Black Bandit a HG liner. Can’t go wrong with the price tag either.

A Whole New World Lip Collection

The Lip Collection has two Essential Super Glossy Lip Shines (both unnamed; most likely new shades) and an Essential Lip Stain (unnamed, but most likely Fuchsia Fusion I didn’t check the label close enough to see that it is indeed Fuchsia Fusion).

A Whole New World Eye Collection

The Eye Collection has a 6 pan Eyeshadow Palette, an Essential Lengthening & Defining Mascara in Black, and an Essential Brightening Eyeliner Pencil in Black. The palette contains beige, gold, black, teal, purple, and blue eyeshadows, all pearl/shimmer.

Both the mascara and the eyeliner are kind of blah. They get the job done, but other products—even other options by e.l.f.—are way better. I have so many mascaras from the e.l.f. Disney Princess, Halloween, and Holiday sets that I think I could wholesale them at this point.

I haven’t tried the eyeshadows yet, but so far the palettes have been all over the place with the e.l.f. Disney Princess collections. I loved the Snow White palette, but the Sleeping Beauty Good vs Evil had such terrible color payoff that I could barely use it.

Where to Buy

The e.l.f. Disney Princess collections are Walgreens exclusives available at select locations. You can check to see if your store(s) carry the collections with e.l.f.’s store locator.

If you cannot find the sets locally, the Jasmine collection can be found online for a limited time at Walgreens [link] and Drugstore.com [link].