Disney’s Dare to Dream Collection {Is It Vegan?}

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Disney's Dare to Dream Collection {Is It Vegan?}


Here is a run down of the Walgreens exclusive, limited edition Disney Dare to Dream Collection, in terms of potential vegan products. The collection at this time features the princesses Mulan, Pocahontas, and Ariel.

Keep in mind that not all products have been confirmed vegan. Use your own discretion when considering purchasing any of the following products. I have also included photos of the potential vegan products showing their ingredients listings under the Images section.

Some products for the Dare to Dream collection are now available online through Drugstore.com.

Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection {Haul}

Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection

SOHO Makeup Bags

I have not heard any reasons to avoid the SOHO makeup bags. They come in four styles with three different princess designs total.

It appears that not all princesses are represented on all bag sizes. There is only one design per princess, regardless of the bag type, e.g. the same princess design appears on two different bag sizes.

The watercolor art for the three princesses is very pretty.

ORLY Color Blast Polishes

All polishes by ORLY should be vegan and cruelty-free.

Each princess has four single colors and a mini nail polish trio.

Townley Lip Balms

Though they are called lip balms, they seem to usually be tinted, some more than others. Townley appears on PETA’s cruelty-free list, and has other certifications as well.

There is one lip balm per each of the three princesses. The lip balms have not been confirmed vegan, but the ingredients appear vegan-friendly, albeit with some petroleum products.

My review on the Townley Lip Balms can be found here.

Wet n Wild/Markwins Color Cosmetics

While the products themselves do not list any brand, there have been reports that the boxes that the cosmetics are packaged in have Wet n Wild corporate information on them. Markwins has long produced cruelty-free brands. Unfortunately, most of the following products are not vegan.

None of the Beauty Books are vegan. They all contain shellac wax, beeswax and carmine. One thing to note is that they are much thicker than the e.l.f. versions. The internal makeup guide with the face illustration, on the other hand, is very similar to the e.l.f. version.

Keep in mind that most products contain petroleum by products.



  • Mulan Beauty Book: Shellac wax, beeswax and carmine
  • Mulan Lip Gloss (Imperial Kiss, Last Blossom, True Reflection, & Rare Beauty): Beeswax in all four shades
  • Mulan Eyeliner Set: Carmine most likely in the liquid eyeliner(s); pencil eyeliner possibly vegan-friendly


  • Pocahontas Beauty Book: Shellac wax, beeswax and carmine
  • Pocahontas Bronzer Set: Carmine, brush possibly has natural fiber bristles
  • * Pocahontas Retractable Luminizer * (Great Spirit, Wild Spirit & Free Spirit): Appears vegan-friendly; no carmine, beeswax or shellac in any of the three shades


Below are photos of the packaging for some Dare to Dream products, showing the ingredient labels.

Final Thoughts

It appears that the Townley Lip Balms and Pocahontas Retractable Luminizers are the only potential vegan color cosmetics in the collection.

Otherwise, the makeup bags and ORLY polishes are vegan-friendly.


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