Townley Disney Princess Lip Balm {Review}

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Rating: 4/5 stars
Price Tag: $1.99 USD
Shades Available: 7 shades
Weight: 0.12 oz / 3.4 g
Where to Buy: In select Walgreens stores

The Townley Lip Balms are a new addition to the Walgreens exclusive Disney collections. So far they have been a part of the Belle and Dare to Dream collections.

Townley Lip Balms are cruelty-free and while they appear to be vegan-friendly, they have not been confirmed.


The lip balms come in slightly bulky packaging with a printed label around the tube, and a clear plastic lid that fits over most of the bottom tube. The lid is thin and prone to cracking. The size of the packaging is similar to that of the e.l.f. Essential Lipstick, albeit a little shorter.

Townley Disney Princess Lip Balm: Mulan Dare to Dream Collection Cherry Blossom

Reverse of the Townley Disney Princess Lip Balm: Belle Collection Strawberry Spell

All information is printed on the tube’s label with nothing on the bottom. You can find all of the product and company info, including the corporate website, on the label.

Reverse of the Townley Disney Princess Lip Balms

One thing I really like about the labeling is that the foil design is printed on the label, not the plastic lid. So many of e.l.f. and Wet n Wild products, including the Walgreens Disney collections, have foil or other printed designs on the plastic lid that either get rubbed or scratched off. That’s less likely to happen here.

Townley Disney Princess Lip Balms


Despite the name, the balms are lip tints. They are too moisturizing and sheer to be considered any thing other than a tint, but some shades pack a lot of punch.

Townley Disney Princess Lip Balm: Belle Collection Strawberry Spell

I only have two shades at the moment, so I can’t confirm if all shades have tint, but the two I do have some color. Due to the balmy consistency, the color is very glossy. No shades contain real shimmer. They have a glossy/creme consistency.

Like many budget makeup products, the lip balms do contain petroleum by-products.


So far there are four shades from the Belle collection and three from the Ariel, Mulan and Pocahontas Dare to Dream collection.

Swatches of the Pocahontas Dare to Dream Collection Retractable Luminizer in Great Spirit and Wild Spirit,
and the Townley Disney Princess Lip Balm in the Belle Collection Strawberry Spell & Mulan Dare to Dream Collection Cherry Blossom

Belle Strawberry Spell

This is a light pink with a teeny tiny bit of color. There is some small glitter in the balm, but it doesn’t transfer to the lips. I like this shade because it features both Belle and the Beast on the label. I noticed recently that the lid to my Strawberry Spell has unfortunately cracked.

There is a light, artificial strawberry scent.

The packaging is a greyish beige with a pink label featuring Belle and Beast dancing and a background with stained glass roses. The pink balm closely matches the color of the label.

More swatches…

Mulan Cherry Blossom

Though the lip balm looks very purple, it is almost like a rose shade once applied. While Strawberry Spell has only a little color, Cherry Blossom definitely has very noticeable color. It will stain the lips with prolonged use.

The balm has an odd scent I can’t place, but it doesn’t smell like cherry blossoms. Maybe slightly floral. However, it is very light.

The tube is purple with a magenta label featuring a gilded fan. There is no background design. The purple balm matches the plastic tube very closely.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Moisturizing formula, pretty packaging, some good pigmentation
Cons: Contains petroleum by-products, limited availability, poor pigmentation in certain shades, contains artificial flavors

The limited edition Townley Lip Balms do a good job of moisturizing, while imparting some color to the lips. They are very cute and budget-friendly. If you’re a fan of Disney, I definitely recommend picking up one or two balms.