e.l.f. Skincare Coming to Target Stores?!

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e.l.f. Skincare Coming to Target Stores?!

Screengrab of target.com

While researching the new e.l.f. Halloween 2015 Get the Look Sets at Target (post here), I was surprised to find a few items from the e.l.f. Skincare line, launched earlier this year, pop up on the Target website.

The site currently says the products are only available in stores and not available for either shipping or store pickup, most likely indicating that the products aren’t quite yet available in stores or online. I checked a couple of locations online and they’re all listed as being out of stock.

So far I’ve only spotted three items from the Skincare line—Illuminating Eye Cream, Soothing Serum, and Daily Hydration Moisturizer—but I’m guessing/hoping more will follow with time.


Are your excited that Target might be carrying e.l.f. Skincare products in stores? Let me know in the comments below!