Dollar Tree Haul: Beauty + Household

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So here is the review I promised way back in my last Dollar Tree haul post. I don’t know where the time has gone.

I’ve been to Dollar Tree several times after the last post, but there haven’t been much lately in the area of beauty finds, except for the L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Pencils. You can find that review here.

Most of the time I go to one (or both) of the two Dollar Trees in Cedar Rapids (IA), but this haul is from the store in Iowa City. I like to going to this location because they have completely different stock from my local stores.

All beauty products listed below are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


I randomly found the Sassy + Chic Blender Makeup Sponge on a hanging display at the end of the beauty aisle. The purple was the only one I saw. The blending sponge isn’t amazingly awesome, but it works well enough. I mostly use it to blend contouring cream products into my face.

I went ahead a purchased another e.l.f. Essential Glitter Primer. I use it all the time and the tube I had was almost out. Normally the primer is $2 USD, so I got it for half price.


I bought a couple of Scunci things for my hair, some headbands and Eco Clips. One thing I forgot about was that I wear glasses and that makes headbands difficult to wear. There’s not much real estate available behind my ears. The set had two skinny headbands with a vinyl reptile design, one each in teal and brown.

The Eco Clips are made from 100% recycled plastic. This was the only size I saw.

L.A. Colors

Since I had not seen favorable reviews on the L.A. Colors Color Balm, I only picked up the shade Wham. I wish I had picked up a few of the other shades because I ended up really liking this product. It’s similar to the LE Walgreens Townley Disney Princess Lip Balms (my review here) in consistency and color payoff. Wham is a coral shade that is very pigmented (for a balm) and shows up well on me.

I managed to find the shade Swoon, a beige color, at one of my local Cedar Rapids DT stores. I’m not so much a fan of this shade since it’s like putting concealer on my lips. I’ll dab at my mouth until the color goes away, but it’s a color destined solely for home use.

Of course I had to pick up three more shades of L.A. Colors Nail Polish that I didn’t own. All three are glitter, so I guess I’ll have to eventually add them to my review post.

Baby Blue is a deep robin’s egg blue with silver micro glitter. Unlike many L.A. Colors polishes, this shade has good coverage. One coat does an adequate job, though two are needed for full coverage. Cocktail is mostly a pink/lilac, fine glitter polish with some holographic glitter thrown in for good measure. I thought I could wear it alone, but it turns out the glitter is too thin. It seems more suited as a top coat. The last shade, Wonderland, is another pure glitter shade with teal, purple and silver glitters. I can’t tell what shape the glitter is. Some look square but other have irregular sides.

Miscellaneous Household

Besides beauty products, I picked up a bunch of other things, including a fitness DVD (belly dancing!; haven’t tried it yet), stickers with chalkboard-like designs (I hoard stickers), origami sets in birds & jets, and pencil pouches for binders for holding knitting/crocheting related items like swatches and hooks. I can make origami cranes in my sleep, but I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out one step of the love bird.

Some of my Dollar Tree finds

I also bought these nifty Asian inspired bowls. I prepare a lot of Asian foods, so these were a really nice find. We already have soup and rice bowls with the more traditional designs that I bought from a local Vietnamese grocery store, and the new bowls are somewhere in size between them. The Dollar Tree bowls aren’t as sturdy as the traditional bowls, but I’m hoping they will hold up for a while.

Asian inspired bowls from Dollar Tree

I ended up getting two orange bowls because my younger son is picky about designs and loves the color orange. I think they only had three color options available and I needed four for everyone. I later randomly found four other bowls, apparently from the recent Americana collection, two in red and the others blue, of which I added one of each color to my bowl collection. They’re the same size as the bowls pictured here.

And that’s it! (Mostly).


Spot anything interesting at Dollar Tree recently? Let me know in the comments below!