Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection {Haul}

Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection {Haul}

Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection Haul


I found a whole display of the new Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream collection, featuring Mulan, Pocahontas and Ariel, at an Iowa City store. As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of the makeup collection is by Wet n Wild (or Markwins, producer of Wet n Wild), with lip balms by Townley, more polishes by ORLY, and makeup bags by SOHO.

Unfortunately the collection isn’t very vegan friendly, but there are a few potential options aside from the makeup bags.

Mulan is one of my two favorite Disney Princesses—with Rapunzel being the other—so most of what I bought feature her.

I purchased one Mulan SOHO makeup bag. This was the one item I knew I would purchase. I chose a smaller one because I plan to actually use it as a makeup bag in my purse, though I only found two sizes with Mulan’s design (both with the same art). I was a little disappointed with the lining. The other Disney Princess and Villains bags I’ve bought had really cute patterns, usually featuring the person’s sidekick(s). Mulan’s just had silhouettes of what appear to be herself. I expected at least find Mushu in the lining.

Reverse of the Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection {Haul}

Reverse of the Walgreens Disney Dare to Dream Collection {Haul}

I purchased a Townley lip balm with a Mulan design. I’ve used the Belle version a lot lately because I like it. I think there is a slight tint to the Belle balm, so I’m hoping for the same with the Mulan version. Townley is cruelty-free and the ingredients look vegan-friendly. Aaand I forgot to flip over the lip balm packaging for the photo above so you could read the ingredients. But you can see them in a couple of photos in my Townley Lip Balm review here.

After I worked out that the ORLY Color Blast mini polishes were about $3.67 each, and I don’t consider it to be so awful for a salon brand, I decided to get the Mulan Cri-Kee Mini Kit (the Belle quad minis work out to $3.74 a piece). I really liked the colors and the glitter polish is something I don’t already own. I might get some of the other polish singles if I can find them on clearance later on. All of the ORLY polishes should be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

The only other product that looked vegan-friendly in the collection are the Pocahontas Luminizing Sticks. You can click on the above photo to see the ingredients. I purchased two of the three shades, Wild Spirit and Great Spirit, a tan bronze and a pale pink highlighter, respectively.

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Do you plan to purchase anything in the Disney Dare to Dream Collection? Let me know in the comments below!