Everyday Minerals On the Reef, Coral Collection Haul

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The moment I opened the email from Everyday Minerals announcing the release of the On the Reef, Coral Collection, I just about drooled on my computer. Fortunately, my birthday was around the corner, so I deployed my six year old to plant some birthday gift ideas into my husband’s head. My son was less than subtle, but he got the job done. I was able to order the collection…along with a few extras. The haul arrived before my birthday, but my family made me wait a few days for my party before I could open it.

A couple of the reasons I wanted to get this collection over the other eyeshadow collections available on EDM were 1). It was pretty and 2). It was the only collection that had a majority of items I hadn’t purchased earlier (unlike the lovely Utopia Blooms Collection where I own half of the eyeshadows). I already had a Mini sized Pots & Pans and the eyeshadow brush, but that was it.

If the name of the set hasn’t tipped you off yet, the set features cosmetics in corals, peaches and a few pinks. Most of the shades are very natural, with a few exceptions. For most of my life, I’ve avoided coral, but after trying just about every pink EDM and e.l.f. offer, I’ve realized that corals and peaches suit my skin tone better since they have warm undertones.

The On the Reef, Coral Collection features five eyeshadows, one eye liner shade, one blush, one lip gloss (I absolutely refuse to refer to it as a lippie), one pressed blush/bronzer palette, one lucent face powder, an eyeliner brush, an eyeshadow brush and a canvas tote. Along with the collection, I purchased a couple of sample-sized items for a couple of items I’ve been meaning to try. I also ordered the Try Me: Lucent Face and used the Promo code for the First Look! Duo. The grand total for this haul was around $40 USD.

The Breakdown

On the Reef, Coral Collection

  • Hiking Everest in Heels Pressed Blush/Bronzer Palette
  • Rhapsody in Peach Blush (large jar)
  • Light Peach Lucent Face Powder (large jar)
  • Sea Horse Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Pots & Pans Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Ping Pong Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Ginger Peach Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Mall Punk Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Mrs. Coffee Eyeliner (sample jar)
  • Enough Talk, Kiss Me Lip Gloss
  • Everyday Eye Shadow Brush
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Canvas Tote Bag

Try Me: Lucent Face

  • Vicki’s Radiant Creation (sample jar)
  • Wet Sand (sample jar)
  • Light Pink (sample jar)
  • Pearl Sunlight (sample jar)

First Look Duo

  • That’s Super Keen Eyeshadow (mini jar)
  • Uluru Sky Eyeshadow (mini jar)


  • Taj Mahal Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Kayak Eyeshadow (sample jar)
  • Aussie Perk Me Up Concealer (sample jar)

On the Reef, Coral Collection

Overall, a good, versatile set and I’m happy with it. Great for individuals who love coral and/or have a warm skintone. The face powders are full sized, while the eyeshadows are sample sized.

On the Reef, Coral Collection Face Powders:
Hiking Everest in Heels, Light Peach & Rhapsody in Peach

Light Peach Lucent Face Powder

Similar to Champagne, but with more peach undertone and far fewer sparkles. Light Peach is nearly identical to Light Pink, only sheerer. The one drawback Light Peach has to Light Pink are the occasional bits of pink that streak on the skin. I’ve noticed the same phenomenon in Pick Me Up Pink and Dusty Miller, to name a few.

Light Peach is okay, but has nothing to really set it apart from existing Lucent Face Powders EDM already carries.

On the Reef, Coral Collection Face Powders:
Light Peach & Rhapsody in Peach

Rhapsody in Peach Blush

While it looks overwhelming in the container, I really like it. It’s a warm, peachy-coral shade with a good amount of sparkle (sparkle haters beware). But get this. I’m positive it’s a mix of both wait for it Bollywood (which I love) and Girl’s Day (which I detest). And I have the swatches to back up my hypothesis.

Girl’s Day + Bollywood = Rhapsody in Peach?

As much as I like it, Rhapsody in Peach is probably best suited for those with warm undertones.

Hiking Everest in Heels Pressed Powder Blush/Bronzer Compact

This limited edition pressed palette features a coral blush and a warm bronzer in a bulky plastic compact. Both shades are matte. I have the Sandcastle Pressed Eye Palette in the old-style cardboard containers and was envious when EDM released the new plastic style. After receiving the new palette, I think I prefer the slimmer, cardboard version more. If only the plastic compact was slimmer and more rounded, I think it would be perfect.

This was the one item I really wanted from the On the Reef, Coral Collection. However, when I first opened the compact, I was surprised at the saturation of the blush and the paleness of the bronzer.

On the Reef, Coral Collection:
Hiking Everest in Heels Pressed Powder Palette

I’m not sure how to put this, so I’ll just say it. The blush is orange–really orange. I hate to admit it after wanting the pressed palette so much (I have a strong hatred of orange blush after being vegan for so long and orange blushes were long the only shade available). I’m glad I didn’t use the promo code for a pressed All Smiles blush since I suspect they’re very similar and I don’t need/want two of these suckers.

Shortly after I my haul arrived, I was in a rush one day and whipped out the compact. I dabbed the blush brush in the blush side, noticed there seemed to be a lot of product on the bristles, and swiped the blush on my cheek–leaving behind a swath of coral-orange. I was taken aback and less than pleased.

I tried the blush later after I applied Vicki’s Radiant Creation to my face and thought the blush worked better. I asked my husband if my face looked orange, but he said I looked fine (though he’s hardly the best person to get makeup advice from). Vicki’s Radiant Creation darkens my face like a bronzer, so I figure the blush must work better on darker/tanned warm skin tones.

On the Reef, Coral Collection:
Hiking Everest in Heels Pressed Powder Palette Montage

Another problem lies in the consistency of the pressed powder palettes; they are more akin to cream products than pressed powder. To make matters more strange, the bronzer is very light, probably most suitable for individuals with fair/ivory skin like me. I doubt any other skintone would benefit from a light bronzer.

I do like the bronzer and wish my palette had more of it and less of the blush (I got a whole lotta blush). I think this palette will last me a long, long time.

On the Reef, Coral Collection Eyeshadows:
Sea Horse, Pots and Pans, Ping Pong, Ginger Peach, Mall Punk & Mrs. Coffee

Seahorse Eyeshadow (pearl)

A very nice beige colour with a pearl finish, as stated. It’s one of the few Pearl shadows that actually has a pearl finish.

I’m not sure how well it shows up on other skin tones darker than fair/ivory, but it works very well for me. It’s neutral, with more colour than white, but not nothing as distinctive a shade as pink or yellow. While Seahorse has a pearl finish, it’s subtle and does not come off as super sparkly or metallic.

Pots and Pans Eyeshadow (pearl)

Recently discontinued, but reissued for the On the Reef, Coral Collection. With all of the other weird/redundant shades EDM has, I’m not really sure why they decided to end production for Pots and Pans. Since it’s the one colour I already own, I figured I’d swap the sample version. This is one shade of several that I’ve neglected with all of the other eyeshadows I’ve acquired this past year. I thought I’d give it another go and discovered I like it a lot more than I remember.

Pots and Pans is an interesting shade. It’s pink but has a slight purple undertone due to its pearlescence. It covers densely—occasionally with a powdery consistency—and has a sparkly finish. Just be careful to apply it lightly or it can turn a bright, chalky white.

Note: In one of the photos, Pots and Pans is shown in size Mini, because I did not want to open the sample jar that came with the collection.

Ginger Peach Eyeshadow (shimmer)

Very sparkly and very peach–a little too peach for me. I’ll see if it grows on me.

Ping Pong Eyeshadow (shimmer)

This shade was discontinued before I ever heard of Everyday Minerals, but it still had tons of raves on the EDM forums. Maybe it’s due to my skintone, but I found Ping Pong didn’t live up to the hype. I fear it looks like I have an eye infection. I suppose it’s too pink for my liking. I’ll give it a little more time before I give up on it.

Technically a shimmer, but very subtle.

Mall Punk Eyeshadow (pearl)

One of the newer pink shades released this year. It’s a darker, more salmon pink than the similar Lip Lock and Ping Pong. Despite its classification, Mall Punk is clearly a shimmer shadow, not pearl. The colour applies sheer, reminiscent of the e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows, and is very pigmented and very sparkly. You were warned. For the fair types, Mall Punk is more suited as a crease colour.

Mrs. Coffee Eyeliner (matte)

You may have noticed that Everyday Minerals doesn’t carry a brown eyeliner. They have all sorts of other weird colours, yet no brown. I had been using Boardwalk as eyeliner, but really wanted a pigmented, matte brown. Now I have it. Mrs. Coffee is very similar to Boardwalk, though ever so slightly darker and lacking the sparkles. It’s very nice.

Enough Talk, Kiss Me Lip Gloss

I’d never tried the EDM lip glosses until my last haul when I received Golden Strawberry in a promo. It has a hard texture and I don’t care much for the colour. While Golden Strawberry looks pretty in the tube, but actually lightens my lip colour when applied–no easy feat. And the plastic tube is super bulky and awkward. It’s much wider than a standard lip balm with about a quarter of the product jutting out of the tube when new. I’m afraid I’ll nick the sides—or worse, break the lip gloss—when I open or replace the lid.

Everyday Minerals Lip Gloss vs. a standard lip balm

Though curious about the recently reformulated lip glosses, I balked at the $8 USD pricetag. I could find actual lipstick for about the same cost. While the shade in the On the Reef, Coral Collection looked nice on the website, I was still leery.

I’m pleased to say that the reformulated lip glosses are a heck of a lot better than the old ones. The colour on Enough Talk, Kiss Me is on the sheer side, but otherwise a very nice colour with a super smooth texture. The new gloss glides right onto my lips.

Everyday Minerals Lip Balm in Golden Strawberry & Enough Talk, Kiss Me
Notice how the product sticks out, even with the dial turned all the way down.

I’ll point out that the swatches I have came out oddly. In the photos, the glosses look about the same, but they apply much differently on the mouth. Golden Strawberry is a light, metallic gold colour, whereas Enough Talk, Kiss Me is darker, sheer and not so peach.

I still don’t think the lip glosses are worth the $8 EDM charges, however. If they removed some of the more exotic nut butters from the formula, they could probably drop the price point slightly and retain the smoothness.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Brushes

I purchased one eyeshadow brush in an earlier haul, but I figured a second wouldn’t hurt. I say that, but at the same time I don’t think Everyday Minerals sells a very good eyeshadow brush. The bristles are too smooth and don’t hold product well. As a result, most of the eyeshadow falls deep into the bristles and is wasted.

The Eye Shading Brush from ecoTools is much better. If you’re looking for a brush without animal bristles—or a good quality brush at a low price—I highly recommend the ecoTools eyeshadow brush over its counterpart from EDM.

Eye Brushes: Everyday Minerals vs. ecoTools

Ditto for the eyeliner brush. I find the EDM version has bristles that are too short and stiff; I prefer a little more flex and thickness in my eyeliner brushes. If you’re looking for a brush that creates an ultra-fine line, this is the brush for you. Otherwise, stick with the Angled Eyeliner Brush from EcoTools.

Unless there’s a sale, of course. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Canvas Tote Bag

Not much to say about the tote bag, except it’s a standard-sized canvas bag that sports both the EDM logo and a nature-inspired design.

On the Reef, Coral Collection Tote Bag

The one thing I liked about the On the Reef, Coral Collection was the substitution of the tote bag for the gift box. I bought the medium-sized gift box, most often included with EDM collections, in my last haul and don’t need a second.

Try Me: Lucent Face

I had difficulty deciding which Try Me set to buy–there weren’t any eyeshadow sets available–and eventually settled on the Lucent Face set. The one problem all of the EDM lucent face powders share is that the finish often results in a strong metallic/sparkly/pearly/greasy look, rather than a “glow”. From my own experience, I suggest you use them sparingly, as blush or eyeshadow.

Jars are sample sized.

Try Me: Lucent Face
Pearl Sunlight, Wet Sand, Light Pink & Vicki’s Radiant Creation

Pearl Sunlight

In an earlier haul, I waffled between buying the Sunlight Colour Correcter and Pearl Sunlight. Now that I have both, I see that the two work differently. While the Sunlight Colour Correcter is used to conceal skin discolorations, Pearl Sunlight is used more to brighten the overall look of the skin and obtain a “glow”, as opposed to outright conceal. The pearl series has a pearl finish, as the name implies, rather than the sparkly finish of other Lucent Face powders.

On a side note, EDM used to sell the pearl series as concealers in the olden days.

Wet Sand

I’ve seen other EDM users compare Wet Sand to Champagne, but I strongly disagree. The latter is overwhelmingly sparkly with strong pink undertones. Wet Sand, on the other hand, is a neutral beige, shimmery, but sheer, colour. It’s a versatile product. You can use it as a subtle all-over face colour/brightener or as an eye highlighter.

Light Pink

Just like Light Peach or Wet Sand, but with a pink undertone and chalkier.

Vicki’s Radiant Creation

I have no idea why I have yet to purchase a big size of this product. I love it so much, but the sample size jar makes it hard to get the powder onto a large brush. You can use VRC as a light blush, an all-over face colour that acts like a pink-hued bronzer, or even a light pink eyeshadow.

First Look! Duo:

A limited time promo featuring a blue-green and purple eyeshadow. Both jars are size Mini (full size).

First Look! Duo:
That’s Super Keen & Uluru Sky

That’s Super Keen Eyeshadow (pearl)

I was really hoping this would be more of a light green shadow, something closer to the elusive Eco Friendly or Glass Bottom Boat, but That’s Super Keen is an unapologetic turquoise shade. It’s a pretty colour, but I don’t really like blue eyeshadow. I layered Driftwood on top and the colour shifted to a light blue-green, which is more tolerable for me. It’s basically a slightly greener, more vibrant version of Bubble Tea.

Uluru Sky Eyeshadow (pearl)

A deep, vibrant purple. I don’t know much about purple eyeshadow, so I don’t have much to say. I got Uluru Sky primarily so I could trade it. From what I can tell, if you like purple eyeshadow with a blue undertone, this is for you.


Taj Mahal Eyeshadow, Kayak Eyeshadow, & Aussie Perk Me Up

Kayak Eyeshadow (shimmer)

Listed as shimmer, but it’s not overwhelmingly sparkly. I have seen nearly unanimous reviews against this shade, but I decided to try a sample jar anyway. I may be in the minority here, but I absolutely love Kayak. Maybe it’s due to my skintone or eye colour, I’m not sure.

The colour is difficult to accurately describe, but Kayak is most often referred to as a russet brown. I find it’s a redder/browner version of Wild Flowers, another favourite EDM eyeshadow of mine. Either way, I think it’s great for a neutral eyes look and I’m so happy I tried it. I hope to acquire a larger size at some point in the future.

Everyday Minerals has discontinued this shade, so if you want to try it you’ll have to find it in an auction or through a swap.

Taj Mahal Eyeshadow (pearl)

I was undecided as to if I should purchase Late Checkout or this shade. I already have a lot of pink eyeshadow (too many), so I went with Taj Mahal. I couldn’t find many reviews and didn’t know what to expect. However, I’m very pleased. This is a light pink shade with a lot of shimmer, reminiscent of Champagne Lucent Face. It’s also kind of like Sea Horse, but pink.

It’s hardly a pearl shadow, though. It’s very obviously a shimmer.

Aussie Perk Me Up Concealer

I’ve heard lots of good things about this concealer, but I must admit I’m perplexed. It’s too pearly and noticeable to be used as a spot concealer and it doesn’t do much for my face as an all-over face colour. Maybe I’m the wrong skintone? Maybe I’m using it incorrectly? I’m not sure, so I’ll keep using it to see if my opinion changes.


Final Thoughts

Pros: Great assortment of usable shades, pretty colours, good value
Cons: Bulky packaging, some shades too vibrant, other products redundant/dupes

Despite a few flops, I’m pleased with this haul. I think EDM does coral very well.

My biggest gripe at this point is with the Lucent Face Powders. Why so many? I know that some of the face powders were originally categorized as concealers or blush, but dumped unnecessarily into one section after the site redesign last year.

Though I like a few (some of which I use on a regular basis), I find the vast majority redundant. Their only purpose appears to be putting a layer of sparkle/shimmer on your face. Most people don’t need that. I think it’s time for a discontinue sale.

I also don’t understand why EDM uses such bulky, plastic packaging for their products. They look fine on the website, but jeepers, they’re huge in person. Even e.l.f.’s Studio line has sleeker packaging–and that’s saying something. EDM does a great job designing their cosmetics brushes, so why don’t they do the same for their compacts and lip products?

Bottom Line:
The On the Reef, Coral Collection runs for $34 USD—a great deal for those of us who love coral. There are enough exclusive items to make this set worthwhile. Get it while you can.